SEO is a continuous improvement process. Our methodology uses the following techniques  for effective and measurable SEO. All the defined techniques can be executed in parallel or in a sequential manner


Page Speed

  • This has become the most vital statistics for every search engine. Google lays a lot of emphasis on the attributes related to speed. Our tools will help to unlock the potential bottlenecks on the page and strategy for removing the same. We will define and implement strategies for increasing speed

  • Content Compression:  It is important to use appropriate compression of content for high speed delivery across network. The content compression methodology is global in nature which can cover different browsers or device

  • Optimized Images/Videos: Our home grown algorithms help in reducing the size of images/videos without any loss of quality. 


Back Links

  • This is an important strategy to achieve required ranking on search engine results. We will help in publishing content to different blogs/social network. This will also help in developing brand for website


Content Delivery Network

  • It is important to ensure that content is delivered from a location which is closer to the user. This will enhance end user experience

  • Determine the right CDN service provider. We have tie ups with multiple vendors and choice depends on the application

  • Our services are guaranteed to provide the cheapest rate for CDN services

Keyword Planning

  • The content should contain important keywords. The content should  be meaningful to explain search engine about your website. Our services will research on the popular keywords. The strategy will include research on keywords with low competition. There are popularly known as  long tail keywords. These are important to get some quick wins for organic traffic


Content Localization 

  • It is very important to present content to the user in their preferred language

  • Locallize/Internationalization can provide boost to the ranking of the site

  • 80+ language localization service is available with our experienced professional

Competitor Analysis

  • Identify the competitor website

  • Analyze competitor website

  • Determine keyword planning of competitor

  • Determine backlinks for competitor

  • Determine vital stats of competitor on speed